Enjoying the weather

The weather has been lovely so we have made the most of it and gone outside. We had a talk by a local poet and we had afternoon tea outside, and often just get together to read the local newspapers.

Arts and crafts

I have not painted since I was at school, so it was lovely to be able to make something that is now displayed in the corridor for everyone to see. We all got together and over a couple of weeks we managed to do four paintings. Each fortnight we have something to make or create [...]

Great Windsor Lodge Bake-Off

I really enjoy it when we can bake. The girls help me mixing the dough and the ingredients. It is lovely that we can eat what we make, later on in the day. B

Sensory Trail

It was nice to all go out as a group in the lovely gardens, where we had to do different things from a list with our carers. We smelled the lavender, listened to the ringing bell, fed the birds, tasted the strawberries from our vegetable plants and searched for the missing sheep! We had a [...]

Tea and memories

On the Queen's 90th birthday many of us thought it would be a good idea to meet together to celebrate her birthday. We had a quiz and feasted on food provided with traditional afternoon tea. Many people came to make it a nice occasion, worthy of the Queen's birthday celebration. M - a resident